Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular reeducation is the process of training specific movement patterns via the neural pathways that connect our muscles to our brain, also know as muscle memory. Every time we contract a muscle and move there is a feedback mechanism that sends signals to the brain on how, when and where we moved.  Because of injury and/or improper postures this system may be impaired, and if not corrected the brain will create and store these improper memories. This means the next time we go to move in a similar manner, we will retrieve the faulty memory and continue to move improperly. This can lead to poor healing as the impaired mechanics continue to stress the injured site, and potentially an increased likelihood of injury.

Our skilled therapist perform a biomechanical assessment to identify these impaired movement patterns, and using multiple cueing techniques, teach our patients how to move the right way.  Through repetition, it is believed that the neural tracts are reinforced and the new correct patterns are stored in the brain.  Neuromuscular reeducation can be used post injury, post surgically, for acute and chronic conditions, and for impaired biomechanical movement patterns in the absence of injury.