Portland Physical Therapy Testimonials

Our number one goal is to help our patients achieve their maximum potential and leave happy and healthy.

great results = happy patients

Portland Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of care in the field of physical therapy. Our skilled physical therapist provides custom, one-on-one physical therapy treatments that produce optimal results to help our patients achieve their maximum potential.

But don't take our word for it. See what our patients say about us!

- Aaron B.

Low back pain.

"My lower back pain has hindered me for many years. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods causes me lower back pain. Dr. Freeman taught me about my injury, as well as strengthening exercises and techniques to avoid re-injury. In three short months I reached my goals and am virtually pain free. I should've done this years ago."

- Abby D.

Low Back Pain. Lumbar Disc

"Exceptional- front desk staff is pleasant, and efficient/friendly. Brandon was very knowledgeable and professional, also personable. It made the experience enjoyable and effective. Therapies build on each other, and working one-on-one with Brandon allowed for the ability to check in personally with each visit."

- Alex A.

Shoulder Pain

"I was experiencing right shoulder pain secondary to a weight lifting and/or jiu-jitsu injury. I decided to look into physical therapy (PT) and discovered Portland Physical Therapy (PPT) in my search. Upon arrival I was greeted and welcomed by Brandon and his staff so I chose to attend PT here. While coming weekly, sometimes bi-weekly I worked together with Brandon on various exercises to get my shoulder back to its baseline. I feel that now it's not back to 100%, which it may never be again, but it is a lot better so that I can go back to the gym and also jiu-jitsu. I would recommend PPT to my family and friends for sure! Thank you Brandon and staff"

- Allyson O.

Ankle Pain

"I had a great experience working with Brandon! He was very supportive, listened to my concerns, and collaboratively worked with me to meet my needs. It was a great experience and the best PT sessions I've been to!"

- Ben A.

Neck. Cervical Disc Herniation

"I visited Portland Physical Therapy for treatment following a ruptured disc in my neck. I had a great experience, and received excellent care. Thanks!"

- Caroline D.

Low back pain, hip pain, gait impairments

"I came to PPT because of a 16 year gait issue. Over a period of three months I received thoughtful and progressive exercises to re-develop and strengthen muscle groups that had been affected. I have regained most of my functioning and can walk better than I have in over a decade. I can even run! I especially appreciated how personalized the treatment was and the clarity of instructions"

- Christine C.

Achilles Tendon Pain

"I was experiencing pain in both Achilles heels and was terrified of tearing my left one (like I had previously torn the other.) I had stopped playing tennis, which I love, for fear of getting injured. Brandon thoroughly assessed my posture, gait and flexibility and assigned various exercises to address each. We started slowly and built up towards more and more challenging exercises, and adjusted appropriately when I experienced setback due to over activity. Brandon was motivating, consistent and personable throughout, and I'm happy to say that I am now regularly playing tennis weekly, with little or no discomfort and no fear of another tear. Thank you Brandon!!"

- Colleen M.

Osteoarthritis. Hip and knee pain.

"I was starting to give up on hikes and trips because walking gave me pain in my left hip and knee. After 8 weeks of treatment I have no pain and can do all the things I love- yoga, walking, pool aerobics, travel."

- Daniel M.

Neck. Cervical Disc Herniation

"I herniated my C6-C7 disc as well as other bulging disc in my neck (radiculopathy) was pressing on a nerve that caused inflammation and shooting pain in my left arm, all the way down to my hand. After Dr. Freeman's evaluation, I was given exercises to do both at the facility and at home. While difficult at first, the exercises did help strengthen my neck muscles and posture over time. Eventually my exercises began hurting less and my symptoms improved greatly, to a point where I can now do my daily activities with no discomfort."

- Elaine K.

Low Back Pain. Left Hip Pain. Left Knee Pain

"When I started with Dr. Freeman and P.T. I was limping and totally miserable from constant pain. It all began at least two years earlier when I began favoring my left knee. But since I had already had surgery for spinal stenosis, I was determined to tough it out and avoid surgery. As Dr. Freeman discovered through testing, my whole left side was noticeably weaker than the right. He has strengthened the weak muscles and taught me exercises I can use to keep the progress intact plus one particular exercise that relieves the pain in my back when it becomes really bad. Since the basic problem is bone spurs on my knee and bone rubbing on bone, who could ask for anything more than the pain relief I've found through physical therapy. I'm so impressed with what Dr. Freeman has done. On a scale of 1 to 5, he's a 5."

- Hiromi D.


"I came as part of my treatment for vertigo. I got neuro & stim, then we also added more traditional physical therapy. I am stronger, better balanced & my vertigo has become much less frequent. My last major episode was 5 months ago. Brandon is very responsive and not always set into a pattern, so that he can respond to what is going on each visit. The staff is wonderful-every one of them."

- Hope M.

Jaw Pain, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain

"Over the past 22 years I have had TMJ. I've had 3 flare-ups over the years, which eventually ended up with a lot of pain and not able to eat certain foods because they were tough or chewy. I came here before the major flare-up to try to get a handle on it. It worked, after learning new exercises and jaw stretches I'm feeling no tightness or pain. If I do feel tightness, I can now work though it with the stretches. Overall the experience here was really great. I didn't feel like I was just a patient, as all the staff seem very friendly and welcoming like family."

- Jenny R.

Neck, right shoulder/elbow.

"Brandon is knowledgeable + thorough about the care he provides. He works with you, hears your concerns and provides reasonable goals that are attainable for recovery. The staff all are amazing and so helpful"

- Jill W.

Foot Drop

"I had a brain tumor (meningioma) 2014, left w/ left side weakness. I now have foot drop. I used to walk w/ leg swinging out, w/ doctor correction and exercises I've seen tremendous improvement. I wear an AFO for foot drop so I can walk. I have home exercises that I need to keep up with and hope to see more improvement."

- John M.

Low back pain, hip pain.

"Lower back pain (15+ years), started to cause decrease in physical activities and general discomfort in daily activities. Through improvement of both mobility + strength in critical muscles, I was able to make great progress, reduce pain and increase activities. PPT helped to educate me on my own physiology and how I can be proactive in identifying muscles + appropriate exercises to improve my daily well-being. Brandon is an excellent communicator and extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter and how to assess + address ailments. He has been a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need."

- Kate R.

Achilles Tendon Pain

"I came to Portland Physical Therapy (PPT) with Achilles tendonitis in both legs. It hurt to walk any distance. I am now back to running 10 miles a week with zero pain. Brandon took the time to try different exercises and find what I liked and what worked. I could do all my rehabilitation exercises anywhere, no specific equipment needed, which was perfect since I was traveling. Brandon was only ever an e-mail or call away for questions. The staff is superb, always working with my hectic life. There is a synergy in the office that is rare. They explained my insurance coverage to me so there were no surprises. The office is easy to find, pleasant, bright and full of smiling faces. I've recommended several people, including my own mother to PPT. You don't find better than this!"

- Katherine G.

Shoulder Pain, Post Concussion Syndrome, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)

"I was referred for pain and tightness in my shoulders; however, the treatment I received was much more comprehensive. Brandon addressed issues with my shoulders, neck, jaw, arm and hand, all of which reduced the frequency and severity of my headaches and other persistent post concussive symptoms. My treatment also left me nearly free of TMJ pain- something that I had seen 8 specialists about prior to working with Brandon. I appreciate the attention Brandon gives to each of his patients and his genuine concern for their well-being. I was genuinely surprised and happy with the amount of exercises that I was given and coupled with either manual therapy or dry needling, I received the care that I needed to alleviate my problems and keep them at bay."

- Katie H.

Knee Pain, Running

"Dr. Freeman got me running again!!

After almost 10 years of dealing with the same injury and seeing countless providers with limited results, Dr. Freeman got me running again! I coud not be happier. During treatment sessions, Dr. Freeman was always completely present, thorough, and detailed in his approaches. His willingess to collaborate with other providers to encourage the best possible results was also so greatly appreciated. I now look forward to my runs, pain free! Nothing feels better than a good hard run. Looking forward to getting even faster and stronger!!

Thank you Dr. Freeman & Portland Physical Therapy!"

- Matthew M.

Low Back Pain. Lumbar Disc

"I am back to my normal self all thanks to the coaching of Dr. Brandon Freeman. He is a first class PT coach that truly cares about patient rehabilitation."

- Melanie N.


"I was in a car accident on July 30th 2014. I suffered bruising and pain on my neck, left arm, shoulder and back along with constantly being swollen on my left side with a huge lump in my neck and shoulder. I attended physical therapy (PT) elsewhere until March of 2015 and then managed my pain for the next year plus with medication, a lot of medication. I was taking 19 pills a day total. I was dysfunctional and my life was a standstill with work and then sitting on the couch. I would try and be active, but the pain was always a repercussion of doing anything. My weight and blood pressure sky rocketed. I decided to get a second opinion in March of 2015 when my previous PT ended and wound up transferring my care to my new healthcare facility. Our first job was to remove me from the pills that were basically sedating me. Then we went to work on my actual recovery. In November of 2016 I was sent to see Dr. Freeman to work on getting me moving again. It was painful and I was very afraid of re-injuring myself, but Dr. Freeman was kind, patient and very knowledgeable in what he was doing. There were times when we would move forward only to go backwards. The day I could lift my arm to give Dr. Freeman a high five was just amazing. My team of Dr. MacArthur, Dr. Freeman and Dr. Sass and the entire staff at 959 Congress St. are amazing and have given me back my life. Thank you doesn't even begin to express how grateful I am."

- Patricia O.

Low Back Pain

"Brandon worked hard with me at every visit to figure out what activities made my pain worse. He then 'recreated' these activities to demonstrate how I could do them without causing pain. The exercises he gave me to do at home were very helpful and personalized. I think what impressed me the most about Portland Physical Therapy (PPT) and Brandon specifically is the individualized treatment I got. He always asked in depth question about my pain and it's trigger and was determined to find solutions. I cannot recommend PPT highly enough!"

- Patrick R.

Knee and Low Back Pain

"I was experiencing lower back and inner knee pain. I had started wearing orthotics just prior to my start at Portland Physical Therapy. The stretches that Dr. Freeman prescribed along with my orthotics greatly helped my back pain. Dr. Freeman also set up a routine of exercises to specifically address my knee pain. I am a runner and I had the goal of resuming my running. I still have some knee pain, but it has decreased and I have been able to increase both the frequency and distance in my running. I am able to run basically whenever I want to now. This has allowed me to increase my overall fitness and made my pain much more manageable."

- Rachel C.

Knee Post-Surgical

"I was in need of PT due to knee surgery. My experience was very positive both in terms of successful treatment and experience with the staff. Everyone was friendly, professional and fun to work with. Not only do I leave with regaining strength and mobility, but I also leave with improved knowledge and healthy patterns/routines to carry forward."

- Susan S.

Shoulder Pain

"I was referred to Brandon Freeman of Portland Physical Therapy by Dr. MacArthur of PCN as part of my treatment to alleviate and heal the acute pain in my right shoulder. Dr. Freeman diagnosed my injury as tendonosis, swelling from irritation over a long period of time. His clear and complete explanation of my condition gave me insight into understanding the problem. Further, I came to understand that my exercises at home were key to my recovery. Brandon gave me exercises that matched my ability to perform them without pain, gradually adding weight and difficulty to increase the strength and stability of the shoulder. I am also more cognizant of how my posture effects my shoulder. His work combined with some changes in my posture at home have healed my shoulder, though it is incumbent on me to continue exercises to strength the shoulder. Brandon and his staff are easy to work with, and the facility is impeccably clean."

- Teresa S.

Low Back Pain. Bulging Disc.

"I learned so much about proper posture and am now very conscious of it in my daily life- and I am pretty much pain free."

- Wade J.

Frozen Shoulder

"I had frozen shoulder for years and saw many people to ease my pain and limited movements. Some helped, but none as much as Portland Physical Therpy."