Gait Training

Gait TreatmentYour gait (walking) can have a profound impact on the rest of your body.  Because we are a continuous chain of interconnected bones and tissue, movement in one area will often have an impact on another.  When we walk our foot is the first thing to contact the ground, and biomechanical issues at the foot can create issues up the chain.  And vice-versa, biomechanical issues or weakness up the chain can cause or exacerbate issues at the bottom of the chain.  For these reasons it is important to correct the impairments in gait.  This can be following an injury, surgery, or just impaired patterns that have been ingrained in the system.  Foot structure/foot type can also play a role in gait.  Our therapist look at foot structure and perform a detailed biomechanical gait analysis to determine where/why the impairments are taking place.  This allows them to create an individualized plan of care to correct the impairments and improve gait.